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Saif Chilmiran is an artist based in Dubai with a focus on paintings and mixed media installations. His first artistic explorations, at an early age, began with Graffiti and were inspired by Heavy Metal music and the early skateboard scene of Abu Dhabi. A decade later, during university, Saif began investigating deeper narratives through his artwork; focusing on the influence of politics, philosophy, economics and the human condition. By 2014, Saif’s artwork was being exhibited alongside the likes of Banksy, Blake Le Rat, Dia Azzawi, Damien Hirst and more, through ProArt Gallery, Opera Gallery, Ayyam Gallery and others.

In 2019, Saif travelled to Yemen’s warfront at Al Mokha with 100 spray paint cans on a mission to observe the impacts of the ongoing war, investigate the theft of life caused by landmines, and create public murals as warning signage for landmines. His journey was documented by the award winning director, Mazen Al Khayrat, in a documentary titled “100 Cans”

Saif’s artistic drive is to blend his imaginative and artistic capabilities to build visual narratives that question our current and future world. This path has led him to explore certain topics and themes that are evident in his most recent collections. What role will religion play during space colonization? Can we peak behind the fabric of reality and expose the underlying machinery?

“I love it, the paint, the discussions, the wars… This life is so rich in beauty, misery and technology that I can’t stop creating and adding to the collective human machine. This is my purpose of existing” -Saif Chilmiran

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